Anfar Foundation is an Indian NGO working to improve the lives of disadvantageous, marginalized and vulnerable citizens through promotion of secure, healthy and fulfilling life, in harmony with nature. Anfar Foundation is formed in 2005 and is named after Haji Anfar Ali who was known for his philanthropic services. His commitment towards poor and downtrodden reflected even in his business. In his lifetime, he started schools, madrasa’s and college for expansion of education in remote areas. He regularly provided financial aid to poorest of the poor families to start a decent livelihood and live a dignified life. Today, his illustrious sons are taking forward his philanthropic services through Anfar Foundation. Anfar Foundation is managed by highly professional and a seasoned Executive Committee.  The committee consists of 9 members. The committee is lead by Hussain Anfar, Moulana Mostaque Anfar and Farque Anfar, and Shabbir Anfar the abled sons of Haji Anfar Ali.