Major activities of the organization (Key Thematic Areas of Work)

҉ Shelter:

Safe shelter is still a distant dream for millions of families in Assam and North East India. Lack of sustainable income source, frequent occurrence of flood, decreasing agriculture production, ethnic tension, seasonal employment and massive erosion created a new class of families who lives far below the poverty line drawn by government of India. Anfar foundation through mobilization of its own resources construct well ventilated low cost house of 240 sq. ft. size. The strength and durability is ensured with the use of RCC posts, locally available shelter materials and CGI sheets.

҉ Livelihood and Food Security:
Anfar Foundation is continuing the efforts of Haji Anfar Ali to help poor families to start decent livelihood and live a dignified life. In its endeavor to do so, Anfar Foundation is building the skills of the rural people and placing them with high wage employments. Anfar production cum training centre is helping in employment and income generation in rural settings. Apart from these, it is also helping individuals for self-employment and entrepreneurship. In addition to these, Anfar Foundation is continuing its traditional programme of monthly aid to vulnerable families and Ramadan Food distribution.

҉ Health:
Due to absence and access to proper eye care facilities, many patients end up in blindness. Anfar foundation helps government and other agencies in screening and identifying these patients. Anfar foundation helps these patients to avail free health facilities in urban centers

҉ Water, Sanitation & Hygiene:
Assam is still largely dependent on water from rain, streams and rivers for drinking and other domestic and agricultural purposes. These sources have proven to be unsafe and increase the vulnerability to water borne diseases. The complexity of public health situation increases with the practice of open defecation and uses of uncovered pit latrines. To improve the public health scenario Anfar Foundation is engaged is securing safe drinking water through promotion of hand pumps, ring wells etc and through construction of low cost toilets.

҉ Education:

In its endeavor to improve the status of education in minority concentrated areas Anfar Foundation is continuing to support hostel facilities in urban and semi urban areas for students and poor marginalized families. In selected areas it also support projects of education infrastructure development. Apart from this it is continuing its traditional sponsorship and scholarship programme for poor meritorious students.

҉ Emergency Response:

Assam and North East being multi hazard states and vulnerable to frequent disasters like flood, erosion, landslide, storm etc, Anfar Foundation has started increasing the capacity of its staffs to response to Emergency humanitarian needs. It has also developed its capacity to reduce disaster risk in all its projects and programmes.